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What countries/regions to you send volunteers to? Belarus
How long are your international volunteer placements? At the moment only 2-3 weeks but we hooe in the future to have placements for 3 months or longer when our first day centre is opened.
What age do you have to be to volunteer? For Belarus, 18. For volunteering at home 16
Can you volunteer as a group? It is possible but it would depend on projects in Belarus.
When do your volunteering projects take place? Usually two weeks in September but we are also looking at two weeks in late Feb/march to show the difference in the weather.
What kind of activities to volunteers undertake? Building, renovation/maintenance, tiling, painting, caring for patients at our Adult institutions, arts programme like filming, photography, painting, craft work,  music, sport, knitting taking people for day out trips, fund raising, collecting, materials for our lorry.
Do you provide training before/during the placement? Before placement.
Is there an upfront cost to volunteering with you? Yes there is upfront, at the moment it is 950.This can be fund raised by an individual or in conjunction with the group's own fund raising events.
What's it all about?

The type of work we undertake in Belarus offers challenges on many levels to individuals and to the group.

For the next few years WEast Chernobyl has centred its work in Belarus at Kosava Adult Institution, Ivatsevichi, Brest Region, Belarus. This establishment caters for approx. 400 adult patients with a wide range of ages, abilities and disabilities.

There is a huge sense of reward and self worth at the end of a project. Our work means living and working at an orphanage or adult institute/asylum which means a person gets to see how such places operate on a 24 hour basis.

A volunteer gets to see how another culture operates and they begin to see what we have and others do not. The work allows the volunteer to build new relationships with people of different backgrounds.

WEast Chernobyl firmly believes that no matter the age/experience/ability of a volunteer they bring something to the group that will be an asset to its work.

There is also the opportunity for a volunteer to learn new skills working along side other volunteers. We encourage our volunteers to be involved in the creative side of the group and always are open to hearing about new ideas.

Life in Belarus can be very difficult, it is a land with a history that is interesting to know and understand. Volunteers get the chance to see places of interest within Belarus.

WEast Chernobyl has also begun to recruit young Belarussian volunteers who would like to work with other volunteers from other cultures! These Belarussians are able to speak English thus this helps in breaking down language barriers. WEast  Chernobyl believes that volunteers should share skills, learn together and help those that are at a disadvantage no matter age, nationality or creed.

WEast Chernobyl firmly believe that our work is worthwhile because we work with people of various ages, abilities and backgrounds who need our help and really appreciate our company.

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MV logoBy volunteering with WEast Chernobyl you can get your volunteering hours recognised through Millennium Volunteers. Find out more here!