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Overseas Volunteering Programme: Service Civil International.
What countries/regions to you send volunteers to? Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, Latin America and the Carribean.
How long are your international volunteer placements? 1-12 months.
What age do you have to be to volunteer? Most often 18, for some cases 16 and for projects in the Global South there is a minimum age requirement of 20 years.
Can you volunteer as a group? It is possible to put in a joint application, but as a general rule only two volunteers from each country are accepted on a project.
When do your volunteering projects take place? Throughout the year.
What kind of activities to volunteers undertake?
The work varies greatly between the different workcamps. You could work in environmental conservation on beaches in Morocco, organise activities for children with disabilities in Latvia, or work with elderly people in mountain villages in Japan. The projects are always of some tangible benefit to the community and must follow certain criteria.
Do you provide training before/during the placement? As a member of your branch, you will be able to access different activities organised by your branch including for example trainings at home or abroad.
Is there an upfront cost to volunteering with you? Everyone who joins a workcamp needs to pay a membership fee to his/ her SCI branch (IVS). You also pay a workcamp fee to your SCI branch for every workcamp you apply to do. In addition, you pay for your own travel costs to and from the workcamp (and travel insurance) and your own pocket money. If you are applying for projects in countries for which you need a visa, then you will also have to cover the cost of the visa application.
What's it all about?

Service Civil International (SCI) is a volunteer organisation dedicated to promoting a culture of peace by organising international voluntary projects for people of all ages and backgrounds. The organisation has 45 members, including International Voluntary Service (IVS), and an ever growing number of partners all over the world. SCI and IVS offer a variety of volunteer opportunities to people, such as short, mid- and long term projects, but also the possibility to become active for a local branch or participate in a seminar or training.