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International Citizen Service - VSO

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What countries/regions to you send volunteers to? Africa and Asia
How long are your international volunteer placements? 10- 12 weeks
What age do you have to be to volunteer? 18 - 25
Can you volunteer as a group? Yes
When do your volunteering projects take place?
All year round
What kind of activities to volunteers undertake?
You will work, together with in country volunteers, on a range of issues including HIV&AIDS, education, youth leadership, access to health care and climate change.  Your work will involve activities such as educating other young people, helping set up youth clubs to involve young people in the community, conducting research into health service access, and creating campaigns for change.
Do you provide training before/during the placement?
To make sure you’re confident in doing a good job, we’ll equip you with training you before you go, and when you arrive. So you understand more about the culture you’re living in and the issues you’re tackling, you’ll have regular opportunities to learn and share with your team members. You’ll have the full-time support of two members of staff, one from the UK and one from the overseas country, who are there to help you and your team achieve all you can.
Is there an upfront cost to volunteering with you?
You don't have to pay to volunteer for ICS but we do ask you to fundraise before you leave. All volunteers will have a target of at least 800. But don't worry; you don't have to start fundraising until you are definitely accepted onto the programme.
What's it all about?

18-25?  VSO is offering you a once-in-a-lifetime chance to spend 3 months volunteering in Africa or Asia with International Citizen Service (ICS).

Its an opportunity to experience another culture, challenge yourself and develop your potential while working on genuine development projects that will have a lasting impact

Website: or register online.