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Habitat for Humanity NI

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Overseas Volunteering Programme: Global Village Programme
What countries/regions to you send volunteers to? Ethiopia, Malawi, Mozambique, Cambodia, India, El Salvador, Romania
How long are your international volunteer placements? 1-2 weeks
What age do you have to be to volunteer? 16 years old (some teams require you to be 18 years old)
Can you volunteer as a group? Yes
When do your volunteering projects take place? All year (predominately summer months)
What kind of activities to volunteers undertake? Building – No construction experience required
Do you provide training before/during the placement? Yes
Is there an upfront cost to volunteering with you? Fundraising Challenges are between 1250 and 2200 depending on country and duration
What's it all about?

Habitat for Humanity has become a global leader in addressing poverty housing by helping more than 2.5million people of all races, faiths and backgrounds have a safe, healthy place to live.

Volunteers play an important part in our vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Global Village brings new hope to families and their local communities; volunteers have the privilege to work beside local people helping them as they build their own way out of poverty.

Through their labour and fundraising, volunteers bring a powerful message that the poor are not forgotten. Our goal is to educate individuals about Habitats mission and how they can contribute, activate volunteers to serve with Habitat, and create long-term supporters who are motivated to make poverty housing a thing of the past.

Every Global Village trip is different. You could be digging foundations, laying bricks or framing and raising walls. Whatever your team do, you are building more than just a home, you are building hope.

Website: or register online.
MV logoBy taking part in the Habitat for Humanity Global Village programme, you can get your volunteering hours recognised through Millennium Volunteers. Find out more here!