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European Voluntary Service

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Organisation Name: Bryson Charitable Group
Overseas Volunteering Programme: European Voluntary Service (EVS)
What countries/regions to you send volunteers to? Mostly within the European Union, but occasionaly there are opportunities further afield.
How long are your international volunteer placements? Mostly 6-12 months
What age do you have to be to volunteer? 18-30
Can you volunteer as a group? No
When do your volunteering projects take place? Placements can start at any time of the year, but the application process can take some time, so this should be factored in when considering an EVS placement.
What kind of activities to volunteers undertake? There are many different types of opportunities available – working with people, environmental activities, media and communications, art and culture, etc.
Do you provide training before/during the placement? Yes
Is there an upfront cost to volunteering with you? No cost
What's it all about?

European Voluntary Service is an amazing opportunity for 18-30 year olds to spend up to 12 months volunteering in another country – and it is almost fully funded, so no big payments or fundraising required!  It’s part of the European Commission’s Youth In Action programme, the non-formal learning programme for young people.  Training and support are important elements of the programme.  There are opportunities across Europe (and sometimes beyond) and there is a really wide variety of roles available.

Each volunteer has a sending organisation (such as Bryson) which will explain how to find a placement and guide the volunteer through the application process.  They continue to support the volunteer while on placement. Most of the international travel costs are covered, but the volunteer may be asked to make a small contribution towards flights. The hosting project will provide accommodation and pocket money, as well as managing the volunteering placement.  There is a training and evaluation cycle throughout the EVS placement.

Website: or register online.
MV logoBy taking part in the European Voluntary Service through Bryson Charitable Group, you can get your volunteering hours recognised through Millennium Volunteers. Find out more here!