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Youth Volunteering


Name: Hannah Beggs
Age: 20
Hannah Beggs
Where do you volunteer?
What does your volunteering involve?
With Barnardos I met a child once a week to help them develop their English as this was their second language. I had to assess the child at the start of the project and the end to see if the child had improved. From the assessments I was able to recognise problems the child was having and in turn I would try developing ways that they could learn and improve. I would help them learn by planning lessons and organising games to encourage the child and help them learn in a fun and enjoyable way.
What do you enjoy most about volunteering and what has been your highlight?
I really enjoyed volunteering as I feel that both myself and the child were rewarded and benefited from the experience. I feel that the highlight for me was building a rapport with the child and noticing at the end of the project on how much he had improved. I also felt that volunteering has given me more confidence and I would definitely be interested in being involved in another project.
Why would you encourage others to become a Millennium Volunteer and what advice would you give them?
I would encourage everyone to become a Millennium Volunteer as it is such a worthwhile experience. I have completed two Millennium Volunteer opportunities and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience as it is so rewarding. I would advise anyone to get involved as it makes you feel good and itís a lovely feeling knowing that you have made a difference. My advice would be to get involved but most of all to enjoy the experience and give your all to whatever volunteering endeavour you get involved in.