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Youth Volunteering


Name: Dana Bettany
Age: 17
Dana Bettany
Where do you volunteer?
Dungannon Junior Hockey Club
What inspired you to get involved?
I love working with children. Especially teaching them new skills within a sport which will help them become better athletes. I also love sport and like being able to offer my help and experience to clubs and societies.
What does your volunteering involve?
Within hockey I voluntarily coach children aged 7-15 taking them for warm ups and then I teach them skills within hockey. At a youth group in my church I help look after children and provide help with tuck shop and games for them.
What skills or qualities are required for your volunteering role?
Being able to work well with children, be able to listen and take on advice in order to forward that on. Also you need to have patience and be willing to help any child that needs help.
What do you enjoy most about volunteering and what has been your highlight?
Being able to help younger children, helping to teach them skills that will benefit them in the future. My highlight was volunteering at the World Police and Fire Games in Belfast 2013. I met so many wonderful people and made life long friendships.
Why would you encourage others to become a Millennium Volunteer and what advice would you give them?
It will provide you with essential life skills that will help you n the future. It will also make you feel a part of the wider community. My advice is go to the local youth groups and ask would they like an extra pair of hands, get involved!