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Youth Volunteering


Name: Leanne Donaghy
Age: 24
Leanne Donaghy
How did you first get involved in volunteering?
I got involved in volunteering by going to the vsb in Bangor. From there I found out about young citizens in action. I have been with this organisation for nearly three years, we would get involved in different projects e.g. making the action magazine that is delivered to different groups all over Belfast. This gives me experience in how to write an article and to socialise with young people.
Where do you currently volunteer?
I volunteer in CLIC Sargent on a Thursday. My work would involve photocopying; answering the telephone, franking mail and researching on the internet. Twice a month I would be volunteering in Oxfam. My role would be to help out in the shop dealing with customer queries and helping at the till. I would also work down the back of the shop sorting out stock and hanging it on the rails waiting to be steamed. When the stock is steamed I would then put it out in the shop. If the shop needs tidied I would do that. I would also put bric a brac and books when they are priced.
Why do you choose to volunteer?
I enjoy volunteering because I meet a variety of different people.