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Youth Volunteering


Name: Darcy McClean
Age: 23
Darcy McClean
Where do you volunteer?
Abbey Gymnastics C.I.C
What inspired you to get involved?
I really loved gymnastics growing up and when I joined Abbey gymnastics at the age of 12, I was really inspired by the work our coach Alison did with gymnastics. I asked if I could volunteer and have been with her ever since. I have grown to love the sport so much and hope that others take the opportunity to volunteer as well.
What does your volunteering involve?
I volunteer in loads of different way in my club. I help at any events, festivals, displays, competitions and fundraisers that Abbey gymnastics run. I also volunteer at the Belfast City Council ‘Try Sports’ days once a month.
What skills or qualities are required for your volunteering role?
I love my voluntary role within the club which makes it easy, but it does require a lot of patience!! You must be really hard working and commit to the role. Good communication skills are key to my role and just being friendly and approachable.
What do you enjoy most about volunteering and what has been your highlight?
Going to America to learn and volunteer at the Northern Europeans event was a big highlight. I love being part of Abbey Gymnastics and the friendly, welcoming atmosphere the coaches and volunteers create. I have some great friends there and enjoy coaching all the gymnasts. Every opportunity I am given through Abbey Gymnastics is a highlight for me. It has been great to develop myself and to be able to give back to the club and community.
Why would you encourage others to become a Millennium Volunteer and what advice would you give them?
I would encourage anyone to become a Millennium Volunteer. It is great to be able to give something back to others and the community. You develop yourself and gain loads of valuable experience. It helps you to become more employable for the future, because it helps you stand out from others.