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Youth Volunteering


Name: Therese Maguire
Age: 21
Therese Maguire
Where do you volunteer?
I am currently on my placement year from University, and I volunteer full time with Cool FM and Downtown Radio’s Cash for Kids.
When did you begin volunteering for Cash for Kids?
I began my placement in May 2012 and it will last for a year, however I hope to continue volunteering with Cash for Kids for many years to come.
What does your volunteering involve?
I am the Events and Fundraising Assistant within Cash for Kids. This means I am involved in all aspects of fundraising. I work with both organisations and participants, and get the chance to act as event manager at various fundraisers which is a great experience. In addition to this I have various administrative and marketing duties, including maintaining the website and social media pages. Volunteering with Cash for Kids is extremely fun and exciting; I have got to meet so many new people and have got to be a part of some really amazing events