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Youth Volunteering


Name: Claire Hinchliff
Age: 23
Claire Hinchliff
When did you first become a volunteer?
My Scouting life started off when I was 8 years old and joined my local Cub Pack. From there I moved through Scouts and into Explorers.
What is your current volunteer role?
I am a Beaver Leader at All Saints, when I turned 18 it seemed like such a natural thing for me to become a Leader, so just two months later I received my warrant on what was the 100th anniversary of Scouting.
Where you able to continue volunteering with the demands of University?
When I moved to Dundee to attend university I began helping out with a Scout Troop there. I found this not only a great way to remain involved in Scouting, but it also provided a unique part of my student life. Soon I was asked to help on a one-off occasion with the Beavers which eventually became much more frequent. I loved my time with the Beavers and Scouts while at university.
What do you enjoy about volunteering?
Now Iíve moved back to Londonderry and run the 3rd Londonderry Beaver Colony. I enjoy volunteering within Scouting as it is such a fulfilling venture in which you can help kids grow in ways you donít see in other activities.
Why would you encourage others to volunteer?
As a volunteer, you learn and develop skills in leadership, enthusiasm, creativity, relationship building and physical activities. What you take from Scouting can be applied in so many other areas of your life and work. My advice is, if you ever get the chance, you should find out more about Scouting and what you can do to become involved.