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Youth Volunteering

Ready to start volunteering? Then start the search for the perfect role for you!

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Under 25 and want to Volunteer?

Volunteering is not only about what you can give back to your community, but also what you get out of it, including building great skills and training that you can use on your CV as well as for job and UCAS applications.

Volunteering is also fun, and you can choose to do the things that interest you, and meet new people in the process or volunteer with your friends. You can do anything from helping run a local sport club to being a DJ or film maker; you can help clean up our beeches or represent the views of other young people in your local forum; you can even volunteer to help run some of your favourite music and arts festivals and venues!

As well as all that, if you're aged between 14 and 25 you can use your volunteering to achieve a Millennium Volunteer award - giving you recognition for the voluntary work you've done.

Check out our Volunteer Profiles to see what other young people are doing!

Check out the Publications section for Steps Around the World publication giving you information on organisations that support overseas opportunities.

Volunteering and your business: giving evidence as to how volunteering can help businesses and you as potential employees.

Training: youth training provision


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