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Youth Volunteering

Ready to start volunteering? Then start the search for the perfect role for you!

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So you've taken a look at why you should volunteer, seen some current volunteers and have read about Millennium Volunteers recognition - now it's time to find the perfect role for you!

If you're not sure what kind of volunteering you would like to do, you can find out about the options available. If you still can't decide, then have a think about your hobbies, charities whose work you support and how volunteering could help give you skills and experience that would come in handy when applying for college, university and jobs. It should also be something you'll enjoy!

So what are you waiting for? Search our online list of volunteer roles now to find the best place for you; and if you have any questions or having problems then please contact the Youth Team.

Are you a NI NCS Graduate?  If so, then check out the NCS Opportunity Hub for additional

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