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School Endorsements

Volunteer Now works with schools and colleges across Northern Ireland to promote volunteering to their students, allowing the young people to get recognition for the key skills they gain through voluntary work, while also contributing to their communities. Here is what some of our partners have to say.

Hunterhouse College, Belfast

Pupils at Hunterhouse are encouraged to be active citizens and take part in community-based work as part of both the taught and extended curriculum. The MV programme enables the School to provide the pupils with recognition of their volunteering commitment thereby complimenting their studies and enhancing career choices.

Alternative Education Provision (AEP), South Eastern Education and Library Board

AEP is a fresh start for young people for whom mainstream education is no longer appropriate, this is a Holistic and Individual approach to beneficial learning for each young person. Partnerships are emphasized as essential to successful induction and progress through AEP. We feel that working in partnership with MV provides our young people with the chance to learn new skills in different working environments in preparation for the world of work as well as develop existing skills such as building relationships and Self Confidence. Through this experience our young people appreciate the acknowledgement of their individual involvement through the presentation of certificates. We have appreciated the ongoing support from MV and look forward to an excellent working partnership in the future.

Young people have said…….

“I thought it was a good idea to paint the mural for that nursery school, they don’t have very much.”

“We even got a certificate for volunteering which will let employers see that I am keen.”

“It was good, because we got out of school to help people who need more help than us.”

St Catherine's College, Armagh

We found the Millennium Volunteer Award very worthwhile. Our volunteers found the volunteering experience very fulfilling and enjoyable. They made many new friends as well as gaining excellent life experiences.

St Dominic's Grammar School, Belfast

The MV schools award has been a brilliant scheme for St Dominic's - it allows us to acknowledge pupils' service to their local communities and allows us to identify and reqard our 'quiet volunteers' - those who contribute quietly, without fuss and often without recognition

Queen's University Belfast

We believe strongly in enabling and encouraging our students to participate in volunteering activities as volunteering has a real impact on the creation of the student community. Those that are involved enhance their student experience and feel they are truly part of something special. Volunteering offers people the chance to develop valuable employability skills, make new friends, learn new skills, showcase a talent, or begin the journey to a wonderful career, but most importantly, as a University that is committed to impacting positively on the world around it, it allows our staff and students to make a difference.

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