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Jump on Board

Introducing best practice information for organisations involving young people in the role of voluntary management committees

Jump on Board Training PackJump on Board is designed to give young people a basic understanding of the role of a Management Committee within the Community and Voluntary Sector and the range of activities which may be involved. The overall aim is to encourage young people to become involved in governance; to develop their skills, confidence and ability to participate, develop and lead within a governance framework.

The programme is targeted at young people aged 25 and under.  Whilst it is generally recommended and accepted that young people should be over 18 to be members of a management committee there is no restriction but the young person needs to understand their duties and responsibilities. The training materials are designed for young people with little or no knowledge of governance or involvement within management committee structures.

The manual is designed in such a way that you can lift the areas of information that you wish to concentrate on.  The CD contains the PowerPoint presentation and tutor notes.  The manual will bring your young people through a logical process of learning and development so that when concluding the training they will have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of their roles, responsibilities and key skills to enable them to be good governors.  Volunteer Now recommends that you evaluate each training session when complete, written or verbal.

We recommend that the group agree their ground rules before the training commences and that they begin the habit of monitoring and evaluating their work.  A feedback sheet is included at the end of the manual but it can be used at any time.

To receive a copy of the Jump on Board Training Pack or to arrange a session for your groups please contact the Youth Team.