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What is MV?

The Millennium Volunteer programme celebrated its 15th birthday in 2015 and we are delighted that the Youth Council for Northern Ireland fund the programme with the support of the Department of Education.

The Millennium Volunteers programme is built on 9 key principles that make the programme distinctive and they are:

        Sustained personal commitment

        Community benefit

        Voluntary Participation


        Ownership by young people





The programme is available for those aged 11 to 25 years.  To record hours young people must be 14 before they can join the programme however once they reach their 25th birthday they are deemed to be ‘too old’ to receive recognition under the MV programme.  The same principles of good practice in volunteer management still apply and we seek to ensure that young people receive a good quality volunteering experience through volunteering with our partner organisations. 

Millennium Volunteers is built on good practice in volunteer management where young people have a positive and rewarding volunteering experience which will sustain their enthusiasm, understanding and commitment throughout their lifetime.  The programme is flexible to meet the needs of organisations so it is up to them how they record the details of young people who wish to be recognised.

All young people receive a record book, which gives them the opportunity to record their volunteering journey, ensuring that their organisation is aware of the entirety of their volunteering commitment and the hours they have given.  Whilst there is a lot of space within the book it is not verified by Volunteer Now and does not belong to the organisation so it is up the young person how they complete it.  We recommend that they fill it in as much as possible as it is a useful tool when preparing for interviews and developing their CV.  An online record book is also available for organisations to use.  It is important that young people, who are volunteering elsewhere, complete the review section and have it signed by the organisation so that their partner is assured that they have completed the stated number of hours.

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