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MV Record Book

Millennium Volunteers Online Record Book (link)When you sign up to become a Millennium Volunteer (MV) you are given your MV Record Book. This handy little book helps you keep tabs on how many hours of volunteering you have already done, as well as letting you note down the training you've completed and the skills you've developed. You also get to keep your Record Book after you get your award to help remind you of what you're volunteering involved, and can be useful when filling out job and UCAS applications.

Millennium Volunteer Record Book coverIf you are unsure about any part of your Record Book and don't know how to complete it, or you think you have misplaced your Record Book then contact your organisation or school MV co-ordinator. Alternatively you can get in touch with us by email:

The Record Book has six main sections that help you plan, review and assess your volunteering, to make sure that you get the most out of your volunteering and use the skills and experience you gain when it comes to filling out your UCAS form or applying for jobs. The sections are:

  • Plan of action: Volunteering is not just about helping other people, we hope you get something from it too! Use this section to have a think about what you would like to do and what skills you would like to develop which support your learning and experiences to date. Perhaps this is your chance to get new experience in something brand new!
  • Reviews: This is the time to sit down with someone from your placement to see how things are going. Before the meeting you might want to ask yourself these questions which you can then discuss... What tasks have I carried out? What have I enjoyed the most? Is there anything I don't like? Are there and areas where I would like help to improve or find out more? What services have I provided for the community or service users? How have they benefited?
  • Opportunities & challenges: Even if you're volunteering with only one organisation you may be asked to do lots of different things. Make sure you take a few minutes to record the details about the different activities you are involved in - take the chance to make you CV shine!
  • Training & skills: You don't need a certificate for every bit of training you've done and how it relates to the plan of action you've set yourself in your Plan of Action.
  • Self assessment: this is a four stage process relating to the knowledge and skills you have learnt from volunteering. Please complete your self assessment at the end of your journey. Description: What happened? What did I learn? Analysis: What do I think about the experience? Did my feelings change over time? Evaluation: How does this relate to my personal interests and future employment and education interests (Hint: Are any of the skills you learnt transferable? What about training you participated in?). Future Learning: What can I take from this experience? Have I identified anything I would like to do or find out more about in the future?
  • Days & hours: This is an opportunity for you to record your hours and the programme within which you volunteered. You can record all the time you have volunteered throughout the year in this section and the total will enable you to gain your appropriate recognition.

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