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Millennium Volunteers

Aged 14-25 and live in Northern Ireland? Get your volunteering recognised with Millennium Volunteers!Volunteering is a great way to gain new skills, meet new people, give something back to your community and have fun in the process. However, to make sure you get the most out of your volunteering you should also think about becoming a Millennium Volunteer (MV). The programme is open to anyone aged 14-25 who currently volunteers or would like to start and wants to have their commitment, skills and experience recognised.

MV has been designed to be as simple as possible and to work around you and your studies, job, hobbies and anything else you've got going on - you also get to volunteer where you like, as often as you like and in as many places as you like! As part of the programme you get a certificate backed by your organisation and the Department of Education for the hours that you got, which along with the support and training your organisation provides, means you get something that looks great on your CV and job and UCAS applications and is endorsed by employers and universities!

Expression of Interest Form - it's free to become a delivery partner of the programme. Download, complete and return the EOI.

MV Record Book - you can either complete a hard copy or do it online. You will receive either through the organisation you are registered with. Download the attachment for a guide on how to complete the record book. You can also access your online record book here on download the app.

Programme Guide - gives you a list of all the Awards you can receive from the Challenge to Ultimate!

MV Partners - view a list of all our MV partners here.

MV Endorsements - many businesses know and understand the value that volunteers bring to their business and you can view a selection of them here.

MV Schools - we have a dedicated Schools programme to encourage and support volunteering within Schools. Schools can register with us in order to recognise activities such as peer mentors, volunteer librarians, those within fundraising committees, enrichment programmes.

MV GoldMark - GoldMark recognises the sustained commitment that young volunteers give within their sporting discipline. It follows the same principals as the MV programme but local clubs must go through their governing bodies of sport.

Validating your skills - you can now validate the skills that you gain through your volunteering. Download the file and work with your volunteer co-ordinator to identify how your skills have grown as you volunteer.