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A panel of young people from across Northern Ireland have come up with proposals to create a new Youth Assembly to represent you - now they want your feedback on how it should work.

From March 2010 until February 2011, a group of young people worked with the Northern Ireland Assembly to develop proposals on whether a 'Youth Assembly' should be established and if so, how should it work. Their report was based on their own experience, a survey of over 600 young people and feedback from ministers, parties and other stakeholders.

They've now published their report and they propose the following:

  • There should be a Northern Ireland Youth Assembly;
  • There would be 54 Members of the Youth Assembly (MYAs) or 3 per constituency. The members would be appointed on a 'rolling' basis meaning that there would always be experienced members in the Assembly. They would be appointed using a system of applications and interviews to ensure it is representative;
  • The Youth Assembly would be open to anyone between the ages of 15 and 20;
  • The role of the Youth Assembly would be to work to ensure equal treatment and representation of young people, organise two campaigns and respond to at least two government consultations (plans) and would meet ten times a year, with half of these meetings at Parliament Buildings at Stormont in Belfast.

The Youth Panel now want to hear your views - the main questions they want you to answer are:

  • Are you happy with the plan?
  • Is there anything you would change?
  • Is there anything you would add?

For more information:

The deadline to give your feedback is 5.00pm on Thursday 15 September.

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